Monday, August 16, 2010

My experiences so far!

My name is Rachel Mills.  I am a 3rd year Primary Education students and have just completed my prac at St Anthony’s Catholic College in a grade 5 class.  During this time I was exposed to a small amount of various ICT’s.  The school does not have any permanent smartboards, but during my final week there, my classroom was given a movable interactive whiteboard.  Even though the software wasn’t installed yet, I was still able to use it as a data projector and type the answer of the worksheet up on the computer as we were working through the activity as a whole class.  Once a week, the class had one and a half hours in the computer lab to work on assignments.  During my time there the students were using Microsoft Publisher to create a web page and feature article.

My personal experience with ICT’s is very limited.  I have never been technology savvy.  The main reason why I shy away from using ICT’s would be because I am scared of them.  I don’t like not having a firm grasp of how to use them so instead of learning through experimentation I stick to what I know.  Although once I am shown how to use a program, I am confident to continue to use.  I am just not good at experimenting with new programs on my own.

I am really excited about the opportunity to complete ED3441 as part of my education degree.  I have a number of goals that I hope to achieve during this subject.  I would like to know what a Wiki is, I want to become a little less afraid of experimenting with different programs and I would like to be able to learn new ways of incorporating ICT’s effectively in the classroom.  I am looking forward to achieving all these goals so I can be a more proactive ICT teacher.

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