Monday, September 13, 2010

Ethics, Issues and Sustainability in ICT's

Before week six’s lecture I didn’t realise how big of a role ethics and sustainability played in ICT. I am now starting to think of the issues that surround ICT’s such as energy consumption of ICT’s, plagiarism, validity and online safety of students. Max spoke about various frameworks for thinking ethically in the lecture. The stand out source of ethical standards to me is the Utilitarian Approach. This approach is about ensuring there is a greater balance of good over harm. This approach deals with consequences. Therefore it tries to increase the good and reduce the harm done to others.

As a future teacher, I understand that my students will be at vulnerable ages and therefore do not need to be exposed to material that is above their age. This means it is important to ensure online safety for all students. There is so much inappropriate content on the internet that students have access to so it will be my job to limit this as much as possible. By creating Wikis such as the one I am doing for my ED3441 assessment, we can provide safe environments for our students. These sites give students access to a large range of content and resources that are appropriate to the their learning age and current learning needs.

On the note of Wikis, I feel like I am slowly starting to understand more as to what is expected for our Assignment 2. For me it is largely based on trial and error as to how to create my site. For example, my friends and I had trouble creating our pages in the order we required and were unsure how to reorder them. In the end, my friend came up with the solution of numbering the pages so that they were in the correct order in the sidebar. This subject is definitely about drawing on our fellow classmates knowledge as much as we can to assist us. This is new to most of us and we are still learning what to do. I cannot wait though til I have finished my Wiki because I know it will be a great sense of achievement for me as technology is not a strong point of mine.

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